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Pic-Business-MetroWestSignThe Township provides an opportunity for significant and diverse employment opportunities. Industrial and high technology developers cite four major considerations when choosing to locate in a given Community.
Access to:

  1. Transportation

  2. Labor supply

  3. Energy and other utilities

  4. Public policy

The Township is well-suited for new industrial and technological development as well as retention of existing business when measured against this criteria.

Access To Transportation
The primary industrial location determinant is convenient access to freeway transportation. Research has shown that over three-quarters of all land developed for industry is located within 2.5 miles of an interstate freeway interchange. A freeway location provides industries with substantial transportation savings, access to an expanded labor market, and a market area. Plymouth Township is served by M-14 (I-96), which has been described as the state's emerging research development corridor, and I-275. In addition to the expressways, rail and air are near. The CSX Rail System runs through and serves the Township. The nearest air transportation is available through Mettetal Airport, a general aviation public use airport located in Canton Township. Detroit Metropolitan Airport, a newly expanded major international airport, is located fifteen miles to the southeast via I-275 and I-94 expressways, a drive of less than thirty minutes. These freeways provide access to virtually the entire metropolitan area and beyond.  

Labor Supply
The industrial and high tech companies locating in the Township have available to them a well-trained and capable labor force without duplication in the free world. Over 72 percent of the Township's employed residents have occupations in the fields of management, professional specialty occupations, technical services, sales and administrative support services.

Pic-Services-DPWBuildingEnergy and Utilities
Industry requires a reliable supply of energy and adequate utility services, including water supply and sanitary sewer service. Plymouth Township has joined with Canton Township and Northville Township to establish the Western Townships Utilities Authority. This Authorities goal was to construct and maintain a sewer transportation system to the Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority treatment plant. This action guaranteed the availability of full sanitary sewer services to the township currently and sufficient capacity to meet all future demands. This is all being accomplished within the most modern criteria for maintaining water quality for the region.

Detroit Edison provides electrical service to the Township. The entire Township is within the natural gas distribution area of Consumers Power Company. The City of Detroit metropolitan area water system currently serves the Township.

Public Policies
Pic-Business-MasterPlanBookResearch has documented the relationship between public policies and the ability to successfully operate a business or industry. Public policies with the greatest impact on industry in Plymouth Township are reflected in the adopted Planning and Zoning Standards. Review of these documents reveals that the township has made an effort to accommodate industrial and high-tech growth through appropriate zoning district designations while maintaining high community standards. This recognition of both community and governmental needs, as well as the needs of business, has provided an atmosphere, which is conducive to light industrial, high-tech and research development growth in Plymouth Township along with and quality residential environments.


One of the key advantages Plymouth Township has to offer to industries is its location on the edge of the industrial/urban heartland. The location and access are beneficial to suppliers of parts and materials, the labor force, and the market for manufactured goods.