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Account Set Up

How do I create an on-line (AMG) account?

Please go here and follow the registration process.  You will be sent an email once your account is created. Once you have clicked on the link in the email your account will be activated.

Once I’ve created the account, how do I link it with the municipality?

  1. While logged into your AMG account, click on the ‘Municipalities’ button found in top right hand corner of your screen
  2. Search for and click on Plymouth Charter Township.
  3. Under the Building Department heading (in the tree on the left of your screen), click on View My Activity.
  4. From here, click on the yellow ‘I have a pin’ link and enter your pin, (from letter or available by calling the Building Department at 734-354-3210).

Applying for Permits (Building allows for windows/roof/siding only, Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing)

  1. Select a property by searching by Address, Parcel Number, or Owner Name
  2. Enter permit details by choosing the permit type (building, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical) and input the work description.
  3. Enter applicant information and verify contact information.  Choose who will receive email notification when the permit's status changes.
  4. Estimate fees by locating the necessary fees and enter the quantity.
  5. Add any necessary attachments. (Building requires a copy of the contract)
  6. Successful permit application confirmation.

 Scheduling Inspections / Permits

  1. Click here for Contractors
  2. Click here for Homeowners
  3. Select the permit you wish to schedule an inspection for by typing in the permit number
  4. Select the desired inspection type and choose from the available days on the calendar.
  5. Verify contact information and parties to notify regarding the permit.
  6. Attach files or photos, if applicable.
  7. Note: Under "View My Activity" you can view, cancel or reschedule pending inspections or review completed inspections.

Hours of operation for inspections:

Building - Monday - Friday, 9:00AM to when scheduled inspections completed.

Electrical - Tuesday -& Thursday, 9:00AM to when scheduled inspections completed

Mechanical - Tuesday & Thursday, 1:00 PM to when scheduled inspections completed (Residential)

Mechanical - Monday - Friday during the Day (Commercial)

Plumbing - Tuesday & Thursday, 3:30PM to when scheduled inspections completed

You must schedule your inspection on-line by 2:00PM the day before you would like it. We have no inspectors that work directly for us; we have to fax all requests the day before.

These hours are maintained to the best of our ability with the understanding that education classes, vacation time, sick time, etc…have to be taken into consideration.