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Residents are not required to present their firearms for registration purposes. Leave all firearms in a secure vehicle and inform the front desk personnel of the nature of your business.



Booster Seat law in effect as of July 1, 2008.

The Plymouth Township Police Department has in recent years received several awards for its Community Policing and Traffic Safety programs. Plymouth Township police officers are assigned to one of four geographic areas where they talk with citizens to identify problems ranging from quality of life issues to traffic or crime. To reach the Sergeant in charge of your neighborhood, call (734) 354-3232.  Click Here to view the Administrative Report regarding Community Policing History.


Pic-Services-PoliceCar06Thomas J. Tiderington was appointed as Chief of Police in September 2001. His experience has allowed the police department to continue providing the total quality policing that the community has come to expect.

The Police Department provides many services to the community from crime prevention, traffic safety programs, school resources, TEAM, and many more. For more information on how the Police Department can partner with your neighborhood or community group you can call (734) 354-3243.

Plymouth Township Police Department
Plymouth Township Hall
9955 N. Haggerty Road

General office hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.
Office is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Pic-Services-PoliceInActionMission Statement
The mission of the Charter Township of Plymouth is to provide community service, dedicated to protecting human rights through personal and professional excellence.

Police Authority
The Plymouth Township Police Department draws its authority from the will and consent of the people. The police are the instruments by which the people achieve and maintain order. All police efforts are founded on principles of public service and are ultimately responsible to the public. The authority by which the Plymouth Township Police Department acts is granted by and from the people through State Statute, Township Charter, Township Ordinances, and the Township Board of Trustees.

The Township Charter grants the Police Department such authority as may be necessary for the preservation of quiet and order, and the protection of persons and property within the Township.

At the present time, the Plymouth Township Police Department is accomplishing its mission of providing community service dedicated to protecting human rights through personal and professional excellence.

Vision Statement
The vision of the Charter Township of Plymouth Police Department is to provide professional courteous service, with quality and integrity, while being recognized as leaders in innovative services to our community and to the law enforcement profession.

In order to accomplish this vision, the Township reorganized the Police Department community service and law enforcement functions. The Department developed the character of the Department by establishing the basic values under which we operate, and by setting goals and objectives to guide the Department in its delivery of community service. These goals and objectives will serve to measure our performance.

The Department General Goals

I. To maintain public peace or order in a manner consistent
    with the freedoms secured by the United States and
    State of Michigan Constitutions.

II. To promote a sense of safety and security within the
    community by creating a stable environment and
    maintaining a Township where people can work and live
    in safety.

III. To protect life and property from criminal attack through
     the apprehension of offenders and the enforcement of the
     laws of the State and ordinances of the Township and by
     the reduction and prevention of crime and delinquency.

IV. To provide effective response to calls for service.

V.  To deliver quality service through community
      partnerships and problem solving.

VI. To insure traffic and general public safety.

VII. To provide community social services referrals.

VIII. The investigation of crimes, illegal liquor traffic and vice,
       and the preparation of evidence for the prosecution of
       criminal cases and offenses in violation of the law. The 
       Police Department shall enforce all provisions under
       the law for which any penalty is provided and in force
       within the Township.

IX. The prevention and control of juvenile delinquency, the
     removal of crime hazards and the coordination of
     community agencies interested in crime prevention.

X. To improve the quality of life in the community and create
     a Township in which people are proud to be a part of.

The Community Service Philosophy
The Plymouth Township Police Department has adopted a community oriented policing philosophy as a way to improve the police service it provides to its citizens. Community policing returns officers to the neighborhoods where they get to know the community. They are encouraged to form partnerships with residents, schools and business owners to identify and respond to community problems.


The Plymouth Township Police Department recognizes police personnel, to a very large measure, are the government representatives best positioned to address the concerns of the community’s citizens. Police personnel are the first called on to respond to the vast array of real and perceived threats to public safety and health. Police personnel are often best able to prompt, or develop, and carry out resolutions to these concerns.

The Department prides itself on the quality of its employees. It is the Department’s belief that providing its personnel with the opportunity to participate in planning, decision making and quality service delivery, will result in a safer community with citizens who have an enhanced perception of the quality of life. The Plymouth Township Police Department is dedicated to the efficient, effective and satisfactory delivery of police service.

The Plymouth Township Police Department community service philosophy is a goal oriented approach which focuses on results. This problem solving process is facilitated by supervision and management, but the tasks and solutions are employee driven. Each police department employee is responsible and accountable for their individual actions.

Police personnel are encouraged to utilize their knowledge of the community and their profession to identify public safety problems and quality of life issues. The resolution of these problems shall be accomplished by the officers; use of their own ingenuity along with Department, Township and community resources. Department members shall work in partnership with the community to solve problems. Emphasis is placed on the identification and resolution of the underlying causes of the problems.

The Plymouth Township Police Department believes that directing resources toward seeking solutions will provide our citizens with quality service. This service is aimed at proactively solving community problems. We also believe the implementation of the problem solving process will prevent future crime problems and provide a sense of citizen safety and confidence in the police department, while providing job enrichment for its officers.

Community Partnership Definition
The Plymouth Township Police Department’s community partnership philosophy provides full quality service through personalized policing. Under this philosophy, officers work within their patrol areas in partnership with citizens to identify and solve problems.

Problem Solving Definition
Full service expands on traditional policing methods. Police officers still perform traditional police functions, such as making arrests and enforcing traffic laws, but they also strive to solve the underlying problems which give rise to problems they encounter.

Full Quality Service Definition
Quality service places citizen satisfaction as its ultimate goal. It recognizes that citizens are the "consumers" of the service we render and, to a very large degree, determine what is desirable and needed. The Plymouth Township Police Department’s commitment to full quality service requires all Department members deliver police service efficiently, effectively and satisfactorily the first time.

Thomas Tiderington, Police Chief
(734) 354-3232

General Police Dept 
(734) 354-3232