Got Old Street Signs?  Commissioner Barone and Plymouth Township Want to Know!

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County Commissioner Joe Barone and Plymouth Township have announced an initiative to identify and replace old, worn-out, or damaged neighborhood street signs.

While most neighborhood street signs in Plymouth Township are white-on-green and in good condition, there are some that are damaged, faded, or are still of the old black-on-white variety from the 1970’s which are no longer safety-compliant.  

“In Plymouth Township, road maintenance, including street signs, is the responsibility of the County,” said Commissioner Barone, “and we’re asking residents of the township to let us know what signs need replacing or maintenance so our crews can make the needed fixes.”

Residents or Homeowners Associations are encouraged to report old, faded, or damaged street signs to Sarah Visel in the Supervisor’s Office.  Sarah can be reached at or 734-414-1452.  Sarah and Commissioner Barone will make an inventory list and share it with the County at the end of the year.  The expectation is that the County will create and install new signs in the first half of 2019.

Signs that cannot be replaced by the county include those on private streets, or special street signs designed and paid for by Homeowner’s Associations. 

“I want to thank Commissioner Barone for looking out for Plymouth Township,” said Supervisor Kurt Heise.  “Joe’s helping our community by making sure our signage is up-to-date and safe for motorists, bikers and pedestrians.”