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The Government Accountability Committee of the Plymouth Township Citizens Advisory Council is asking residents to complete the quick online survey regarding the Township’s communication methods and how you like to receive news, information, updates and other media from your Plymouth Township government.   The survey is quick, easy to complete, and will help us improve our outreach to you in the future.   Thanks for your participation!

 Communications Preferences Survey

Help improve Plymouth Township’s Communications. Take a survey about your communications preferences now.

The survey results will be used to improve Plymouth Township’s communications with its citizens. Please share the survey link, and ask your neighbors to complete it by August 18, 2017.

About the Communications Preferences Survey


  • Sponsored by the all-volunteer, Plymouth Township Citizen Advisory Council


  • Online Survey
  • 3 minutes or less to complete (8 multiple choice questions on your communication preferences)


  • Survey opens August 7 and closes August 18


  • Participants must be Plymouth Township residents
  • Responses are anonymous


  • Results will be used to improve Plymouth Township’s communications with its citizens

About the Citizen Advisory Council

The council, founded by Supervisor Kurt Heise, is a citizen-driven, voluntary group of residents. A strategic planning and review forum, the council assists the Board of Trustees with its policy-making. Each committee is preparing recommendations that will be used as input in Plymouth Township’s long-term strategic planning process.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the survey, please send an email to

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