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I am considering having some improvements made to my home. How do I know what work requires a building permit?

Any work done to your home (or building on your property) that will alter the structure requires a permit. Most work, with the exception of painting, wallpapering or landscaping, requires a permit. Call the Building Department at (734) 354-3209 to find out if your project needs a permit and how to obtain one. You can print a Building Permit application from the Forms and Applications page in the Reference Desk section of the website.

Where can I park my RV or boat?

Hide it behind your home. Park it within the side building lines extended and at least 20 feet from the rear lot line. A corner lot must be landscaped to shield the RV or boat from the road. Notify the ordinance officer if it must sit in the driveway for more than a few hours.

Are there rules on garage sales?

By ordinance, they are limited to two per year, no permit needed. They can run up to three days in a row, from 9:00 am to a half-hour after sunset. Garage sale signs can be placed at the entrance to your subdivision.

Where can House For Sale signs be placed?

Only on the property that is for sale. Directional/informational signs at subdivision entrances on street corners are prohibited and will be removed.

Can I place my car in my driveway for sale?

Yes. Make sure the car is registered to your home and has a valid license plate.

Is there an ordinance concerning lawns?

Owners must maintain vacant property which includes destroying weeds and trimming trees and shrubs to a minimum clearance of 8 feet above sidewalks and 10 feet above streets.

For other Building Department information not found here, please visit the Building Department section of the website.  Or, send your questions to Mark Lewis.