Community Development FAQ

How do I file for Planning Commission or Administrative Approval?

How can I get information about a new development in the Township?

What can I do with my property?

Can my property be split?

What is the Master Plan for Land Use?

What is the Zoning Ordinance?

What properties are vacant or for sale?

What is a Consent Judgment?

Where can I find a copy of the Township's Zoning Ordinance?

What is my property zoned?

Does the Township issue zoning verification letters?

Where can I find a copy of the Township's Master Plan and Future Land Use Map?

Who controls stormwater management in the Township?

Can I split my property?

Will I be notified when development is proposed near my house?

Recording of Deeds

How do I find out if a road is private or public?

How do I find archived documents?

 Tree Removal 

Where can I get copies of the development applications?

How do I create a new address?

What standards do private roads have to follow?