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Public Works Water and Sewer FAQ's

Where does our water come from?

The water comes from the Detroit River. All the water is purchased from the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA).

Does the Township have a publication or newsletter that provides information on the source of our water and the chemical contents?

Yes. In 1999, the Township began publishing a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) which provides information on the chemicals in your water, testing of the water and other useful information.  It is published on the website and notice of availability is mailed to  each user.  Copies are available in the DPW Department. Call 734-354-3270 to have a copy mailed to you.

Is there a Township water or sanitary sewer system available to my property?

We have the utility records and can let you know if it is available and what the hook up costs will be.

I see water running on my property. What could it be?

Water bubbling up or running on the property or in a ditch could be from natural drainage, water main break, water service break, sump pump, lawn sprinkler system, field tile, storm drain, septic system, leaky gate valve, leaky fire hydrant, or other reasons. Please call and we will check the situation out.

Why is my water pressure low or high?

Please call the office. We can check your pressure at your home or business. We can provide information on how to resolve the situation.

I smell sewage, what do I do?

Please call the office. We will send someone to investigate the situation.

If I want to build a new home in the Township and utilities are available, do I have to hook up?

Yes, if the utilities are within 200 feet of the new home.

Where can I get a well or septic system permit?

These are issued by the Wayne County Department of Public Health - Environmental Health Division.
They can be reached by calling (734) 727-7400.

Can I still use my well after I hook up to the Township water system?

Yes, but there must be a physical separation between the private and public systems.

Can I get a separate water meter for my lawn sprinkling system?

At the present time, Plymouth Township does not allow separate water meters.

My road is dusty. When will my road be chlorided?

Please call the office to find out if your road is included in our program and when the chloride application is scheduled.

What do I do if I have a problem with my sump pump?

Sump pump questions should be directed to the Township Building Department by calling (734) 354-3210.

Who do I contact for other Public Works questions?

For other Public Works Department information not found here, please visit the Public Works Department section of the website.