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Public Works Water Billing FAQ's

What are the water rates in Plymouth Township?

The water rate is $4.08 per thousand gallons and the sewer rate is $6.12 per thousand gallons. All usage is based on your water consumption. (Example: you use 25,000 gallons of water, you are charged for 25,000 gallons of sewer.) This includes watering your lawn and filling swimming pools.

Do I get any relief on sewer charges for watering my garden and lawn in the summer?

Residential accounts receive a 25% sewer disposal credit (SDCR) once each year.  If your bill is due in October the credit covers water used in June, July and August. For bills that are due in November the credit covers July, August and September water use. The credit for bills due in December is for water used in August, September and October.  The sewer disposal credit does not apply to final bills or commercial accounts.

How often does Plymouth Township bill its customers?

The residential accounts are billed every three months and the commercial accounts are billed every month.

Where do I call for water bill inquiries and where do I pay my bill?

Water bill questions should be directed to the Water Billing Department (734) 354-3270 and bills should be paid or sent to the Township Treasurer's Department.  Plymouth Township, Water & Sewer, P.O. Box 8040, Plymouth, MI 48170. 

We also have a drop box located outside on the circular drive. Just drive up to the white mailbox with green lettering, pull open the door, and drop your envelope inside. Please be sure to put your account number on your check, include your payment stub portion, and write “water bill” on the outside of the envelope.

Online payments are now available. Credit card payments will be charged a 3 percent convenience fee, $3 will be charged for electronic checks. The Township will accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover cards. Residents can also pay with their credit card in person at Township Hall. The service can be found on the Township's website,, under the "Quick Links" tab, scroll down to "Online Payments."

Can I get my water bill electronically instead of through the mail?

Customers have the option to receive their water bills electronically. Bills will be emailed to you during the first week of the month in which they are due.  No reminders are sent.  Plymouth Township is not responsible for email failures and will not waive or refund penalties for late payments.

Click here for a Paperless Water Bill Authorization Form.  Submit the completed form and we will send you a test message to verify that we have the email address correct.  Once you respond to the message your account will be switched to paperless mode.

Why do I have a self-meter reading card in my mail?

We ask the customer to read the water meter in your home or business so we can compare it to your outside reading device. This information is very important. Inaccurate billings will occur if the readings are not the same. Please send the card or call us at (734) 354-3270 if you discover such a problem.

Are there any other charges appearing on the water bill besides the water and sewer fee?

Yes. Residential accounts have Solid Waste Disposal Charge(SWD), Sewer Surcharge (WTUA) and a Service Charge for bill preparation and meter maintenance (SC).

Commercial Accounts include an Industrial Waste Control charge (IWC), Sewer Surcharge (WTUA), Cross Connection Control Inspection Charge (CC), and Industrial Pretreatment Program Charge (IPP).

How do I get a "Final Water Bill?"

First, read the inside meter by recording the digits on the face of the meter from left to right.   Include all zeros and the stationary digit at the end which is painted on the dial.  Note - there will be seven (7) digits in all. 

Second, complete a Final Water Bill Request Form and submit it to the Water Billing Department as indicated at the bottom of the form. Click here for information on Final Water Bills and the Final Water Bill Request Form.

Upon receipt of all required information, the Water Billing Department will generate the final bill and issue it as indicated on the Final Bill Request Form.

How do I get on or off the automatic payment plan?

To get on the plan, the form is available on the  Forms and Applications page of the website - Public Works - Water Billing section.  Or call the Treasurers Department at 734-354-3214 to have one mailed to you.

To get off the plan you must fill out and sign a release form and submit it to the Treasurers Department.  The form is also available on the Forms and Applications page of the website.

Why did I get an estimated water bill?

If your bill is estimated, you will see an “E” after the present reading. Bills are estimated when there is not a reading. There may not be a reading due to an inside meter or outside reader problem, self-read card not returned, or a self-read meter card mailed in too late to use the reading.  If you want a revised bill, please call for an appointment at 734-354-3270 for us to come out and document your inside reading. An adjustment will be done and a revised bill mailed out to you.

What happens when my account is delinquent?

If a payment is not received by the due date printed on the  water bill, a 5% penalty is applied to the current billing period charges.

Each fall, delinquent amounts six months in arrears are transferred to Winter Taxes with a 35% administration fee added to the delinquent water amount.

Is there a charge for converting a meter or to have one tested for accuracy?

There is no charge for replacing/converting a meter or to have it tested. You would need to call the Water Department to schedule an appointment.

When do you schedule appointments?

We schedule appointments Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We arrive at the scheduled time, so there is no need to wait all morning or afternoon. Call (734) 354-3270.

When I move to Plymouth Township, how do I get the water service turned on and put into my name?

We do not turn off the water service when residential accounts change ownership. Water bills will come to the house addressed to "Resident". If you want them mailed elsewhere, Click here for an Address Change Request Form.

Property sellers or outgoing tenants should request a final water bill. Click here for Final Water Bill Information and a Request Form.

What are my options for paying my water bill when out of town for a long period?

Water Bills are not forwarded by the Post Office because they are addressed to "Resident". While you are away, there are four options you can use to pay your water bill:

Option One Join the “automatic bill payment plan.” This is where your water bill is deducted from your saving or checking account, so you know what to deduct from your account register. 

Option Two You can pay a current bill or an estimated water bill before you leave.  Take a reading from your inside meter and call or come in to get the current amount owed or an estimate based on your history for the same period.

Option Three
You can submit a Temporary Address Change form indicating where you want your bills mailed while you are away. You can get the form here on the website (click here for form) or you can come up to the second floor of the Township Hall . 

Option Four You can give us a self-addressed, stamped envelope to where you are staying.  We will pull your bill, put it in the envelope, and mail it to you. If you have a computer, you can e-mail Water Billing. The e-mail address is

When should you check your inside meter and outside remote readings?

This message will not apply to you, if you have the new Pro-Read system with an outside TOUCH PAD (looks like a rubber wall plate with a nub) which sends a reading from the meter to an electronic reading device. However, if you have an old style meter with a NUMERICAL REMOTE (looks like a small box with numbers that tumble over), make sure your inside meter and outside reader readings agree. The inside reading is the correct one, and you are responsible for the amount of water registered on this inside meter. If the readings do not agree, contact Plymouth Township Water Billing at (734) 354-3270. The new system can be installed free of charge with an appointment and 30 to 45 minutes of your time.

If I have an inside meter only with no outside reader, when should I read the white self-read meter card left on my door?
For those of you still on the older system, please complete the white self-read meter card the first week of the month the card is left and mail back with your date read. The card MUST BE MAILED BACK after the first week of the month in order to have your reading entered into the computer. Not mailing the card back after the first week will cause your account to be automatically estimated by the computer system. The Plymouth Township Post Office will hold these self-read meter cards for a week or two before mailing them back to us. If the card comes back after all final entries have been made into the computer, the computer will estimate a reading so you will get a bill. You can have a year of white cards sent to your house by calling the Water Billing Department at (734) 354-3270.
For other Water Billing information not found here, who should I contact?

Please visit the Public Works Department section of the website.  Or, send your questions to Kelly Latawiec.