Solid Waste Department FAQ

I'm new to the Township. When is my scheduled collection day?

What time do I need to have my trash, recycle and compost to the curb?

Why does the time the trucks collect my trash change from week to week?

On which holidays will my regular rubbish collection be delayed one day?

Can I place yard waste out for pickup all year round?

Where can I get a yard waste sticker?

Why won't the collection workers empty my new garbage can?

Is there a weight limit on my garbage and compost?

Do I need to request a special pick up for large items?

Does the waste hauler collect construction materials curbside?

What can I do with materials not normally collected?

What materials will be accepted at the Township household hazardous waste collection event?

How do I know if what I have is considered to be a hazardous waste?

Household hazardous waste collection day is not for 6 months and I want to dispose of my wastes now. Are there places where I can dispose of my hazardous wastes responsibly throughout the year?

My condominiums/apartments/mobile home park does not use the Township sponsored waste collection program and our waste hauler does not offer a recycling program where can I recycle?

I would like to start a recycle program at my workplace in Plymouth Township. Where do I begin?

What can I put in the recycling bin?

Why is compost collection seasonal?

Why can't the regular trash truck take the compost?

What happens to the compost once it is processed?

What can I do with compost that I generate during the winter months?