Public Announcement For Sidewalk Replacement and Gap Program

Plymouth Township, as part of its responsibility to ensure the public health and safety of its residents, has reinitiated the sidewalk repair program for existing sidewalks as well as a ‘gap’ program for new sidewalk construction.

The sidewalk repair program will require the replacement of any 4", 6" and 8" depth sidewalk determined to be defective per the Township Sidewalk Ordinance. The public hearing for the 2021 sidewalk program was held on Tuesday, April 6, 2021 during which the sidewalk replacement program for district 1 (outlined in red on the map below) was approved by the Township Board of Trustees.

Construction for the sidewalk replacements will begin this Friday, April 23, 2021 on the south end of district 1. The Contractor will work in one neighborhood at a time so that the removal and replacement of the sidewalks can be completed within a 4-day period. Barricades will be provided around the sidewalk when the slab has been removed and while the concrete is curing. For any residents with sidewalk replacement in their driveway, the Contractor will provide a minimum of one (1) day notice so that cars from the driveway can be relocated during the construction and allow for the requisite curing time.

The ‘sidewalk gap’ program was identified as a priority by residents and the Township Board of Trustees to increase the walkability of our community and connection to Downtown Plymouth and nearby parks. Three locations of sidewalk gaps are to be constructed starting in June 2021. The sidewalk gap locations include the north side of N Territorial Road between Shearer Cemetery and the western Township and City of Plymouth boundary line (1,500 linear feet of new sidewalk), McClumpha Road from 130 feet south of Ann Arbor Trail to the Ann Arbor Trail Right-of-Way, and Beck Road at Ann Arbor Trail sidewalk extension and ADA ramp and crosswalk installation.

For any questions regarding the sidewalk replacement or gap program, please call the Township Engineer at (248) 844-6279 or email