Current Projects

Current Projects

Below is a list of current development projects in the Township. Links to supporting documents are provided where available. To find the most recent staff reports on an individual project, please visit the Planning Commission Minutes and Agendas page, which includes all relevant meeting packets.”

PC# 2478 - Northville Downs of Plymouth, PUD 
    Project Narrative - Revised February 23, 2023
    Site Plan - May 22, 2023
    Building Render - May 22, 2023
    Traffic Management Plan - May 22, 2023
    Waste Management Plan -May 22, 2023
    Emergency Preparedness Plan -  May 22. 2023
    Traffic Impact Assessment - February 28, 2023

PC#2466 - Special Land Use for 14760 Northville Road (Sarafund Automotive)

    Special Land Use Narrative
    Concept Plan
    Revised Concept Plan

PC#2474 - Conditional Rezoning for 42510 Joy Road (Sparr's Greenhouse)

    Project Narrative
    Site Location
    Revised Concept Plan and Applicant Presentation

PC#2482 -  Site Plan Review for 40249 Schoolcraft and adjacent (Penske Trucking)

    Site Plan

PC#2484 - Special Land Use for Meijer at 47500 Five Mile Road

    Public Hearing Notice
    Concept Plan
    Traffic Impact Report - June 2023
    Meijer Traffic Study

Ivywood Classical Academy - 12413 Ridge Road on "Northridge" Parcel (ID# 78 044 99 0001 706)
    Architectural Plan
    Site Plan

PC#2488 - PUD Option for 40700 Ann Arbor Road - Car Wash and Drive-thru Restaurant
   Concept Plan
   Restaurant Building Elevations
   Car Wash Building Elevations
   Conditions Letter, as of July 2023

PC#2494 - Manno Clothing and Building Renovation at 1009 Ann Arbor Road
    Site Plan

PC#2496 - 40978 Concept Drive - Special Land Use
    Project Narrative
    Concept Plan