Public Disclosure Procedure for Plymouth Township Police Department

Records requested from this agency will be processed according to the provisions outlined under the 1976 PA442, known as the Freedom of Information Act. We have put together an overview of the process this agency follows in hopes to foresee and answer questions that inform you of what to expect.

State Law requires that a record request must be an identifiable record. This means that your request must be specific as to the information you are requesting. If a request for records is too vague or is so time consuming as to place an unreasonable burden upon our agency we are not required to respond. We would not be required to create a record when one does not exist. Often requests for records are confused as to which agency they should be requesting from. The same rule applies as when you are reporting an incident. The incident is reported to the agency, which the incident has occurred. The Plymouth Township Police Department and the City of Plymouth Police Department share a combined Communications center, however each agency is responsible for maintaining their own records. Each agency is required to follow a record retention schedule set by and mandated by the state.

Once a request for records has been submitted and received by the Plymouth Township Police Department Records Division, we have 5 business days to respond. Note: The Records Department is not open on weekends.

The response to a request may be:
1.) The request is complete and may be picked up in addition to the cost for those records pulled.
2.) Your request for information is denied and an explanation as to why.
3.) More time is needed to complete and process the request.

The request for records must be submitted in writing. 

 FOIA Service and Supplies                                              Fees
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Exemptions from disclosure can be found here.

Request for records may be made:

In person

By mailing:
Plymouth Township Police Department/Records
9955 Haggerty Rd.,
Plymouth, MI  48170

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