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As we all know, the challenges wee face today are very different from those we faced a decade ago. In ten years, those challenges will be different still. Today, the Internet is part of everybody’s vocabulary. It has become an invaluable resource on which all of us relay to educate, entertain, conduct business, and more. But with the convenience of the Internet, there are new dangers. One of those dangers is the pervasiveness of sexual predators that would use the Internet to prey on our kids. That’s why the Plymouth Township Police Department and Security Software Systems would like to help educate parents on how to protect their kids from this threat.

1. To inform parents and guardians of the hidden dangers of the Internet.
2. To assist parents and guardians in monitoring the Internet activities of 
    their children.
3. To instruct parents and guardians the tools they need to make the 
    Internet safe for their kids.