Wayne County Household Hazardous Waste  Collection Day

Wayne County offers several household hazardous waste collection days each year that are available at no cost to all Wayne County residents. Please refer to the information below for the next scheduled event.



 Items typically accepted include:

Household paints, stains, dyes, floor care items, furniture polish, bathroom cleaners, lawn and garden chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, antifreeze, motor oil, gasoline, automotive batteries, dry cell batteries, propane tanks, old computers, printers, scanners, TV's, cell phones, fax machines, mercury containing thermometers, thermostats and elemental mercury, fluorescent light bulbs (standard and compact), smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, Pharmaceutical Waste (Non-controlled substances only)

Items that are not accepted include:
Commercial waste, industrial waste, ammunition, explosives, 55 gallon drums, radioactive materials,
unknow - unlabeled waste, shock sensitive materials, household trash, appliances.

Please Note: CRT televisions and CRT monitors will be accepted at the Wayne County Household Hazardous Waste events effective October 1, 2017

Please contact the Wayne County Public Services - Land Resources Division for more information 
at 734-326-3936 or www.waynecounty.com.