The Rules of Recycling.  Become the best of the best at recycling. Below is a link to recycling                                                                                            education provided by EGLE.

Recycling Raccoons

  • Recycling 101 - DEQ Reference Guide

    Recycling - Quality over Quantity

    According to Waste 360, "Recycling contamination has gotten way out of control. Recycling is the feedstock to make new products, and you need quality in to make quality out. Communities and haulers are recommitting to recycling education and more transparency about what is recyclable, which will improve markets and reduce processing costs."

    Plymouth Township offers year round curbside recycling to our residents. All single family residences and multiple family residences that utilize our solid waste services should have a green 64 gallon recycle cart on the premises. If you do not, please call the Solid Waste Department, (734) 414-1452, so that you are able to participate in this important program.  If you are interested in having an additional recycling cart please contact GFL at 844-464-3587 to order an additional cart.

    Below are details regarding our curbside recycling program.  The Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) provides the guidelines for what items are acceptable.

  • plastic bags and plastic film (non-rigid plastic) are NOT accepted as a part of our curbside collection.  As an alternative, most local grocery stores offer plastic bag recycling.  Check with your favorite store to find out the location of their plastic bag recycling area.
  • Shredded Paper is NOT accepted in our curbside program.
  • Styrofoam is NOT accepted in our curbside program. 
  • All recyclables should be loose in the cart.  No recyclables in plastic bags.  

    See below for examples of items that are accepted curbside.  If there are any questions regarding acceptable items, please call the Solid Waste Department.

    PLEASE NOTE:  All items must fit inside the recycle cart in order for it to be collected.  Items placed outside the cart will NOT be collected by the automated recycling truck.  The lid on the cart should be completely closed in order to avoid recyclables blowing or falling out of cart during collection.

    Guidelines for Recycling Cart Placement

                                                       WHAT'S ACCEPTABLE

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