Textiles and Home Goods

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The textile and small home goods collection program is back in operation in Plymouth Township.  The program has changed so please see below for the NEW program details:

  • Pick-ups can be scheduled by going online to www.simplerecycling.com or calling Simple Recycling at 866-835-5068.
  • Simple Recycling will no longer be collecting on your scheduled trash day. You must schedule a pick-up directly with Simple Recycling.
  • Once your pick-up day is scheduled, simply put your items by your front door (not curbside) and it will be collected. There are no special bags required.  Acceptable containers include plastic bags, paper bags and boxes.
85% of all clothing ends up in the landfill; only 15% gets recycled or donated.  In an effort to reduce our landfill waste, Plymouth Township has partnered with Simple Recycling to offer pick-up of clothing, shoes, fabrics and small home goods.  This program is voluntary, free of charge and simple to use.  All materials collected are sorted locally based on quality and condition.  Items are distributed to local thrift outlets, exported to international markets, or processed for raw materials.