Tax Payments

There are many convenient ways to pay your taxes.  By mail, using the white drop box located on the circular driveway at Township Hall or by coming into the Treasurer's office during Township business hours.  If you would like a paid receipt, please bring with you the complete tax statement.  If not, your cancelled check will be your receipt.  Please write your Tax ID number on your check.

We accept payments via credit card or electronic check through our Online Payments page.  This service is provided by Point & Pay LLC.  A convenience fee of 3% will apply for credit card payments or a $3.00 charge for electronic checks up tp $10,000; $10.00 charge for amounts above $10,000.

If your payments is returned to the Township for non-payment, you will be charged a $30.00 processing fee.  If the returned check occurs after the due date, your payment will be considered late and you will be responsible for the relevant penalties and interest.

If you have recently refinanced your home and your mortgage company escrows your taxes, chances are that your tax bill does not reflect your current mortgage company.  The reason is that the mortgage companies forward their lists to the Township at the end of October and usually don't reflect mortgage changes prior to October.  We recommend you contact your mortgage company so they will pay your taxes on time.  You could lose a tax deduction for the current year.

Anyone with questions or needing assistance can call the Treasurer's Department 
at (734) 354-3218.