Township Unions Agree to Benefit Changes
Saving Taxpayer Money

Plymouth Township’s six collective bargaining units have agreed to changes in dental, optical, life insurance, disability, and other benefits saving the Township about $59,000 per year.

 “I want to thank our hardworking public safety, clerical, and public works staff for agreeing to these changes,” said Supervisor Kurt Heise.  “The new benefit plan will save taxpayers thousands of dollars going forward while providing as good or better benefit packages for our employees.”

 “It truly is a win-win for the Township, and underscores the culture change we’ve been working to create over the past year and a half,’ Heise added.  “This kind of labor-management harmony and cooperation would have been unheard of in the past.”

 “Our employees know we are in a difficult financial situation and they are willing to help,” he added. 

 The benefit changes will also apply to the Township’s non-union personnel. 

 Earlier this year, the Township Board hired Corporate Benefit Solutions from Troy, Michigan, to administer the Township’s various benefit packages.  Moving forward, the Township and Corporate Benefit Solutions will be working to improve healthcare and retirement benefits, where more savings are anticipated.