Curbside Yard Waste Collection Information

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Do NOT put leaves in the street - Plymouth Township does not collect leaves placed in the street.

Yard waste containers must have a capacity between 20 and 35 gallons, not weigh more than 50 pounds when filled, and be clearly marked yard waste.

30-gallon paper yard waste bags can be used but make sure the filled bags do not exceed 50 pounds. Close the top of the yard waste bags to ensure leaves stay in and rain/snow stays out.

Plastic bags may NOT be used for yard waste.

Place yard waste containers on the opposite side of the driveway as your trash.

Brush and branches must be less than four (4) inches in diameter, only three (3) feet in length and tied in bundles with string or twine. No more than 50 pounds per bundle.

Plymouth Township’s seasonal yard waste collection continues through the week of January 9, 2023.