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The Assessing Department’s primary function is to assess all real and personal property within Plymouth Township each year. The Assessor is required by state law to assess at 50 percent of true cash value all assessable property as of December 31. The assessment roll must be completed and prepared by the Assessor for presentation to the March Board of Review. 

The Department maintains information for public use on taxpayer name and mailing address, size, age and characteristics of buildings, parcel sizes, legal descriptions, property addresses and sale prices of vacant and improved properties (if known). Information is available at the counter in the Assessor’s office.

The Department also answers inquiries from residents, property owners, appraisers, realtors, mortgage companies, title companies, potential buyers and government agencies. 
Important Dates To Remember



February 20, 2021

File Personal Property Statement with Assessing Office

February 2021

Assessment Notices Mailed

March 2, 8, 10 
March 12 - No Hearings - Drop Off Petition Deadline

Board of Review Organization Meeting and Hearings 
-Drop off Petitions will be accepted at the Assessor's Office through March 12th, until the close of business at 4:30 p.m.

May 31,2021

Appeals of property classified as Commercial Real, Industrial Real, Developmental Real, Commercial Personal, Industrial Personal or Utility Personal must be made by filing a written petition with the Michigan Tax Tribunal.

June 30,2021

Deadline for assessment classification appeals to the State Tax Commission.

July 20, 2021

July Board of Review Meeting

July 31, 2021

Assessed Value and/or Tentative Taxable Value appeals of property classified as Residential Real, Agricultural Real, Timber-Cutover Real or Agricultural Personal must be made by filing a written petition with the Michigan Tax Tribunal.

December 14, 2021

December Board of Review Meeting

9955 N. Haggerty Road
Northwest Corner of Haggerty & Ann Arbor Roads
Plymouth, MI 48170
First Floor

Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

The primary responsibility of the Assessing Department is to estimate the value of real and personal property in Plymouth Township each year. The Assessor must locate, identify, determine property exempt status and estimate the value of each taxable property in the Township. The Assessor must calculate the assessed, capped and taxable value of each property.  Assessment notices are prepared by the Assessing Department and sent to property owners in February. After the Assessor prepares the assessment roll, the roll is presented to the March Board of Review. The Board of Review will then conduct public hearings in March to hear appeals from property owners.

By law the assessed value is to be 50 percent of the True Cash Value (market value) of a property. The Assessor sets the assessment by a sales study using all comparable sales in your neighborhood. There are three different values for each property in the Township: the State Equalized Value (SEV), the capped value, and the taxable value:

  • State Equalized Value (SEV): Half of the appraised market value.

  • Capped Value: Last year’s taxable value minus losses increased by the Inflation Rate Multiplier (with a maximum of five percent) plus the value of new construction.

  • Taxable Value: The lesser of the State Equalized Value and Capped Values. The Taxable Value will be used for the calculation of property taxes.

The Assessor values property by using three different approaches:

1. Sales Comparison Approach -- The value of the subject property is determined by the cost of purchasing a substitute property.

2. Cost Approach -- The value is determined by the cost of constructing a substitute property.

3. Income Approach -- The value is determined by the cost of acquiring a substitute property, which will provide the same income.

Other Responsibilities of the Assessing Department

  • Acts as Township interface with thousands of customers each year in person and by phone.

  • Reviews and assesses the personal property in possession of Township businesses.

  • Maintains the Property Transfer Affidavits and Principal Residence Exemptions, brought about by Proposal A in 1994.

  • Defends property appeals before the Michigan Tax Tribunal.


Main Assessing Phone Number
(734) 354-3267

Aaron Powers, Assessor
(734) 354-3266

Tracy Hayley, Deputy Assessor
(734) 354-3266,

Tina Foley, Appraiser
(734) 354-3268

Meriem Kadi, Appraiser
(734) 354-3269